19th June 2017
Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

Ladies and gentlemen, gather your rain ponchos and dry shampoo, the UK festival season has officially begun. 

This week on the blog we will be giving you the complete 411 on all things festivals. Whether you are just attending for one day, or braving the mud for a more full-on weekend, we will be your one-stop destination to ensure that you’re fully prepared for whatever the festival (and weather) might bring you. 

To start things off, we’ll be telling you about one festival that we are lucky enough to be attending this year, which also just so happens to be one of Scotland’s biggest and best - Belladrum The Tartan Heart Festival

Running since 2004, year after year this festival has seen an increase in popularity of ticket sales as well as popularity of the bands and artists attending. This year gracing the beautiful fields of the Inverness farm will be Franz Ferdinand, The Pretenders, KT Tunstall, Birdy and First Aid Kit…just to name a few! ALREADY day tickets are sold out, meaning the only way to experience Belladrum in all its glory is to pack up your tent up and brace yourself for either 2 or 3 days of magic, music and memories. 


The loyal festival goers of Belladrum are already a community without a doubt, but this year the definition of ‘clan’ holds a much truer meaning to them. Bound together by not only their love for music, but this year by Bella’s officially registered tartan. The distinctive red and green pattern can be bought in the form of kilts, skirts, shawls, bags and scarves and is just another way that attendees can get involved and keep the festival alive the other 362 days of the year the music isn't happening. 

This year also sees the opening of two new stages; Bella Dub (reggae dub music) and Trailer Trash (country and western music), confirming even more the festival’s ability to cater to all tastes and genres. Also important to note is this year’s theme - SUMMER OF LOVE. If you aren’t already feeling motivated to dress up and embrace this year’s hippy-vibe theme, the fact that there’s a parade and prizes to be won just might convince you otherwise.

The festival prides itself on remaining true to its “homegrown in the highlands” roots, a stand-out factor in the UK and worldwide festival scene which highlights the locality and authenticity of the festival, despite the increasing size. One of the ways it has shown this this year is by supporting the Lovat Shinty Club, a sports club local to the Belladrum area raising money to build a new pavilion. The public are able to donate via their website as well as during the festival to both the sports club and the Highland Hospice, another local charity they are supporting this year.

Here's where you can buy tickets...

We’ll see you there!

P.S. Check back after the 5th of August to hear how our time at the festival went…


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