30th May 2017
Cactus For Summer

Cactus for Summer

Florals for spring? Ground-breaking. Well girls, not this year. It’s time for something a little more spikey don’t you think? We’re talking cactus, for summer. 

This year’s most interesting print trend makes it easy to liven up any outfit and add a little edge in an effortless and easy way. We love this trend because not only are we seeing it throughout clothing but also across accessories and homeware, making it easy to adopt and embrace without the risk of going overboard or doing it wrong. Pair the greens of the cacti (also Pantone’s colour of the year) with muted, earthy tones or pastel shades of pink (another colour that you can’t escape this summer).  When seen in homeware, the print also turns any room instantly more Scandinavian-chic, definitely a vibe we want more of.

Plus let’s admit it, we have a lot to thank the cactus for, like its resilience and ability to stay alive and not wilt, unlike the 2 other potted house plants that have died under my watch this year. 



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