1st June 2017
Cannes Film Festival 2017- The Round Up

Cannes Film Festival 2017 - The Round Up

As you can imagine, choosing the best beauty looks to round up Cannes Film Festival was a lot harder than it first looked. Hence why it’s taken us a few days from the closing ceremony at Caledonista to finally settle on our favourite beauty looks to share with you. I use the term hard lightly, we definitely enjoyed lusting over all of the stunning styles from the week and we hope you enjoy having a look through our chosen selection too!

Martha Hunt

First up, we have the gorgeous Martha Hunt in this equally gorgeous low cut, lace design. Ok, elephant in the room, her hair does look slightly like it’s been slept in overnight…but I think that’s what makes us love it. The tousled hair rounds off the ethereal look and feel of the dress, and the pop of colour on the lip keeps it playful and adds just that little bit of sex appeal. Tip girls - keeping the rest of the face simple and understated is key to mastering the red lip (as we also see later on with Liu Wen).


Naomie Harris

Tulle is something we have seen a lot of this season, but there is something about the contrast of the sorbet colours and Naomie Harris’s skin tone that makes her truly stand out in this quirky Gucci gown. The soft pink of the lip and simple behind the shoulders hairstyle make this look both youthful and interesting. She definitely deserves all the credit she receives for it. We just love, love, LOVE.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen truly blew us away here at Caledonista. Living proof that it is not always a requirement to wear a skirt and heels in order to be feminine. I think part of this comes down to her hair and makeup look for the outfit, particularly the classic red lip she is so confidently styling, along with the gorgeous statement earrings. She masters this trouser suit oh so well. 

Jasmine Took 

We were immediately drawn in to this look simply by the irresistible golden glow of Jasmine Took’s skin. We definitely want to know what highlighter was used to achieve this gorgeous dew, emphasized only by the shimmering reflection of her metallic dress. A look that can be hard to recreate, but definitely a showstopper.

Elska Hosk

Elska Hosk; the only woman that does the Cinderella look better than Cinderella. She successfully silenced the red carpet at the Beguiled Premiere with her glamorous Hollywood waves and flawless make-up. The eyeliner wings successfully widened her eyes, emphasizing the careful co-ordination of the powder blue dress with her piercing blue eyes. All that was missing was a choker and some glass slippers.  


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