26th April 2017
Caring, Coachella And Companions


I am sure most of you can relate to how good it feels when you help someone out that truly needs it. I was in the local supermarket and an eldery lady clearly needed assistance. I offered my help and ended up walking her home carrying her shopping. It turns out she is 100 years old! I now have a wee friend called Marnie. On the way home I stopped in at the pharmacy and a young boy stopped me covered in blood. He eventually passed out in my arms. I have never seen so much blood. I called him an ambulance and stayed with him. Turns out he was only 23 years old and he was brutally attacked. He had what looked like knife wounds. Thankfully he is going to be okay! That night I felt that I was meant to be there for both of them. Giving with your heart is good living.

Friends in LA become like part of your family...I helped my friend with some business advice and she sent me 5 pairs of shoes from one of my favourite label GuiltySoles as she knows about my shoe habit lol. Another friend Sandra McClumpha sent me a basket of Fake Bake goodies! A wee healthy tan glow can make you feel a bundle of happy again hehe! I have amazing family and friends and for that I am forever thankful.



My friend Paul McGill and his hunky husband Kenny came over to visit for just a night. They are both air stewards for a well known company. Actually I don’t remember too much other than the 2 day hangover I endured.

Enough profundity! My career is on the up and I am looking forward to shooting a very humorous and true to life movie in Manhattan at the end of June. I love the buzz of Manhattan. It's raw, full of bustle with shiny bright lights! You can get whatever you want whenever you want. I lived there briefly when I was 17 and it left its mark. I also did a Broadway show last July and it just felt so comfortable to be back.

After New York I'll be heading to Sofia in Bulgaria to work on a new project. I've never been there yet but I hear it's uber cool!

I am perched on the singles shelf at the moment and happy to be there. I'm loving the company of my beautiful friends. The last guy I dated was super cool and now we are genuine friends. Sometimes that's the way it works out.



One of my best friends Cindy Cowan took me on a trip to Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in California. I love girlie time! It was amazing! Very boho/ hippie. We travelled there via private jet and stayed in her friends beautiful house just outside Palm Springs. We arrived on the Friday and partied until the Monday morning! I met some beautiful people on the trip as well as some whacky. 

Lady Gaga put on a show. She rocked! Radiohead struggled with sound issues but still had the place jumping. I met some Scottish friends while I was there...Andy Anderson, Scott Bradshaw and Callum Casserlly. It was so good to have a wee drink and a wee bit of Glasgow banter with them. Miss my Scots!

One of my dear friends is leaving LA this week to start a new Government post in London. Bernadette Greene my fellow Glaswegian in La la land will be sorely missed. Bernie is the Deputy British Consulate General in LA. My friend Manny Patel (the Queen of West Hollywood) organised a surprise party for Bernie. It was also her birthday so I sang Happy Birthday as Marilyn. At the end of the night I found the tranquility of lilo in the pool to rest my weary head until I was rudely interrupted by a splash and everyone else at the party. I ended up in the pool dressed in my gold "Marilyn" gown.



My friend Hamid Moslehi was Michael Jackson's personal photographer for over 10 years. You should see the amazing pictures that he has. Maybe one day he will let me show you one or two :) We did a shoot for his collection. Sneak peak at a couple of the images. I love working with him. Now he is working with my publicist Christine Peake. Love it when people come together :)

Until next time...xxoo with love


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