26th July 2017
Enhance Your Work Space

It’s almost back to school time! Which, oddly, makes us nervous to say even now. We’ve picked the cutest, most efficient stationery for whether you’re going back to school, uni or the office. Along with some tips for ensuring your desk space is used to its full potential.

enhance your work space

Tip 1: - Keep your cables tidy. Cables are the bane of our existence here at Caledonista HQ, and a mess of cables always looks bad but worse when you have a smaller desk space. And untidyness can stress you out in what may be an already stressful environment which is never good. There are plenty of cable organisers and clips on the market now so we would highly recommend using them to keep them in check.

Tip 2: Do what you can to make your space appear larger. Utilising wall space can be one way to do this but really only possible if you're working from home. A better alternative would be to pull a colour scheme together in order to 1) make the space your own and 2) not clutter the limited space available to you. Here are a couple of our favourite bits.

Tip 3: Group similar items together. This tip will save both time and space as it will avoided an extended amount of faffing around trying to find something (which, let's admit it, we're all guilty of at the office) So, all paper together, all laptop and computer things together etc etc. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it!

Now the fun bit: Here are our picks of some really cute office stationery.


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