27th July 2017
From Desk To Dancefloor

It’s that time of year when you feel like just about everyone has their “out of office” turned on – except from you. 

You’re still stuck behind the desk in a lonelier, slightly quieter office. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun though right? Gather your girls and head for drinks! We’ve curated a selection of pieces that will carry you straight from day to night, from the desk to the dancefloor. Perfect for when you don’t have enough time for going home and change before heading out. After all, less people in the office means less people to witness your hangover the next day.

For added glam, swap your bucket bag for a clutch, pumps for a heel and add some statement jewellery or even a red lip to carry you into the night. 


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All rights reserved © Hartmann Media Ltd 2016