4th December 2017
Global Technology Symposium

Global Technology Symposium

Global Technology Symposium

I presented my keynote speech at Stanford University for Global Technology Symposium. It was an honour to be asked by such a prestigious, wonderful organization. I flew to San Francisco early that morning with my publicist Christine Peake and were surprised to discover how big the Campus is. It's a stunning place.

I was nervous but excited at the same time. My keynote was about my life, my inspirations and the entertainment industry in Hollywood. The large old fashioned hall was full of venture capitalists, genius individuals, known names and wee me! It was an amazing experience and I met some of the most incredible people that I've kept in touch with. It was a world away from your average lifestyle and I found myself questioning some ideas and also intrigued by others.

The next day I was back on a flight to Los Angeles to attend the Britannia awards with a few of my wonderful friends Manni Patel, Bernie Greene, Casey Monroe, Fiona Harden and the rest of my wee LA family...you know who you are :) At the end of the night we were all hammered up on the stage dancing the night away!

Britannia awards

Halloween time!! Oh boy I love this holiday and the Americans know how to celebrate it. We went to Adam Levine’s party and our friend Steeve organized our costumes and make up! I went to the haunted hay ride with my friends from India. It was their first time doing Halloween and the hayride is pretty scary!


Adam Levine party

On actual Halloween night we went to the biggest Halloween party in the world - Santa Monica Blvd! They shut down the street and have one big party! It’s a must for your bucket list.

Thanksgiving was the next big holiday so me and Ivan ( the luckiest guy in the world haha) went to my friend Cindy’s for thanksgiving dinner - much like our Christmas. Cindy has one big party every year. I love it! Now I’m on a diet lol.

Catch you soon!! Hugs



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