5th July 2017
Holiday Beauty Hacks

Holiday Beauty Hacks

On the run up to our summer holidays, we are all guilty of suddenly upping our game in the beauty department. And so, with that, comes a greater risk of beauty related disasters too. We have put together six helpful little tips and tricks to keep you feeling and looking your best at all times. 

1. Waterproof mascara. Whether it’s the pool, sea or sweat, waterproof mascara will protect and save you from developing any unwanted panda eyes - because who knows when you’ll feel like a spontaneous dip in the pool? (or midnight skinny dip) We recommend this one from Clinique, heat proof and waterproof. 

2. Fake Tan Disaster? So, it’s the night before you’re due to head to the airport and disaster strikes – you’re tan has streaked. Don’t worry. Apply a small amount of body moisture to the offending area and rub in gently until the streak blends in with the surrounding areas. If this doesn’t work, mix a little bit of baking soda and lemon juice and watch the streaks fade before your eyes.

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

3. Drink plenty water. Yes, we know this one seems a little obvious (we can feel you rolling your eyes at us through the screen) BUT it boasts so many benefits for you such as keeping your skin hydrated, heeling sun burn, and it also dilutes the body’s natural scent, keeping any sweat odours to a minimum. (Add some mint, cucumber, or lemon for added flavour)


4. Baby Powder. This clever product will serve you several uses whilst on holiday. Excellent for removing sand from your skin when leaving the beach, as well as doubling up as a dry shampoo for your hair. Of course there is no better choice than the tried, tested, and loved Johnsons powder. 

5. Applying sun cream to your back. We have discovered a revolutionary method at Caledonista HQ that also works when applying fake tan or body moisturiser to your back too. All it take is one sheet of cling film, long enough so you can grasp it at either side of your body, apply small amounts of lotion to the film and rub gently across your back. (As if you were drying yourself with a towel) VOILA.  

Sun Cream Hack

6. BB Cream. The last thing you want on holiday is the feeling of thick coverage over your sun-kissed face, the second last thing you want on holiday is to be feeling like you’re sweating off your moisturiser half an hour into the day. So – the answer? BB Cream. We recommend Rimmel’s BB Cream which is super affordable as well as reliable. It will leave you looking fresh faced and provide you with just the right amount of coverage (also with SPF 25).

Bon Voyage!


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