29th March 2017
La Dating, Fun Times And Work

Hello! Hope this article finds you happy and if not then your smiling at the end of it :)

I left you last month at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles. After the Grammies I dusted myself down, looked out another party dress and headed for the Pre Oscar parties and Oscars event. I had an amazing time with my friends and met some very interesting people. My mum picked my Oscar dresses (My wee Mum has style). The Oscar shorts was a favourite, as I got to watch all the shorts films and meet all the film makers. My friend Jon Bloom is a Governor at the Oscars and invites me to all the Oscar fun (lucky girl I know).  Some film makers are very inspiring as they have to make the film on a shoe string budget and in some god forsaken backwater or somebody's cellar! I love hearing those stories as it proves anything is possible. One day (usually after one too many wee drams), you have a " bright light" moment, then next you're waving an Oscar about and making an embarrassing acceptance speech!



My US publicist Christine Peake organised for Joe Simpson (Jessica Simpsons Dad) to do a photoshoot with me for his Art Gallery. His forte is pop art so he has an amazing collection of famous faces. 

We shot at his home in Malibu. His house is out of this world. Just what you would imagine a beautiful Malibu home would look like. I've attached a wee pic that I was allowed to share with you.

His assistant was a wee Glaswegian kid so I got to natter away to him. It was refreshing to say 'aye' and someone here gets it ..ha!



I have started an exciting new project but can't say too much about it just yet but you will be the first to know on here :)

I'm heading for the Big Apple this summer to shoot a feature film. We started our first script reading and I'll be playing a wee Scottish lass. Just might be able to pull that one off lol. 

I know I'm fortunate to live the life I lead but it wasn't simply down to luck. You have to put in the effort and learn to take the knock backs so if you're reading this and thinking there is something you would like to do, I encourage you to go for it! You can always reach out to me through Caledonista should you have a question you think I can help with. Would love too! 

The dating world in LA is an interesting one. I've never been on a dating site which seems to be all the rage. Personally I like to meet someone through someone that way you know they're not crazy if your friend says so right....ha!

I've been out with a few crazies in this town but my auntie set up the last date and so far nothing but positive vibes. 


My friend Cindy Cowan (film producer in LA) organised a meditation coach to come to her home for us to try out. Discovered that we're the worst pupils as neither of us could do it on an app for one minute never mind 20. Anyways it was interesting but my mind kept wandering to what I was going to have for my tea afterwards. C minus for me! 

Went to an event last night at the Sky bar which is a hot spot at the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Blvd. My friend Rachel McCord was hosting it. Attached a wee pic of us from OK! Mag fooling around...of course :)

Meditating, LA dating, fun times and work was all crammed into this month.

Until next time xo


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