23rd December 2016
La Petite Mort Edinburgh


Located just a short walk away from The Kings Theatre in Edinburgh, La Petite Mort is a boutique style restaurant serving the best of Scottish produce

The walls are painted a blue/grey colour with bookcases that feature all sorts of vintage looking knick-knacks including jugs, vases and framed quotes - the restaurant has a very cosy feel to it and is a very intimate setting. With it being Christmas time the restaurant was decked out with lights and a beautiful tree.



After seeing the menu online we were rather intrigued to try all the exciting and unusual flavour combinations. The Sweetcorn, chilli and lime poppy seeded ravioli, cocount tom kha sauce sounded interesting on the menu and proved to be equally as interesting in its presentation. Instead of a number of small pieces there was one substantial piece of ravioli presented on a bed of greens with a drizzle of coconut tom kha sauce. The flavour combination proved delicious with the spiciness quickly making itself apparent.



The pan seared flat iron steak stood out on the menu and was a no brainer. We were not disappointed! The steak was cooked to perfection and complemented perfectly by the roast chestnut dauphinoise potatoes topped with a basil and mushroom pesto alongside truffle cauliflower puree and red wine jus. The Parma ham and chorizo crusted cod fillet, cullen skink arancini, brussel sprout and nutmeg puree, Parma ham crisp, sauteed chorizo and cabbage intrigued us by its unusual combination of flavours and samples of international cuisines but we were not disappointed as each blended perfectly to achieve a truly amazing overall result. 



After main courses we didnt want anything to filing yet after looking at the dessert menu we just couldn't resist the sound of sticky toffee pudding, gingerbread pudding, vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce - we certainly made the right call! The perfect mix of sweet from the sticky toffee pudding and spicy from th gingerbread. We lovd this so much we even recommeneded to the diners next to us. The Irish coffee served with fresh coffee beans was genuinely up there with the best we've ever tasted - you can see why cocktails are their thing. 



With so many different menu possibilties, La Petite Mort is a place to visit not once but multiple times whatever the occassion. 


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