26th May 2017
Live The Life You Love

A few days ago, I attended a memorial for a dear friend Francine York where I had one of those moments when we remember that life is too short so it should be enjoyed to the full.

Francine was a famous actress and one of those old Hollywood legends who still live on in our memories after they've gone. She worked with the best including Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Francine also played the iconic Marilyn Monroe so we had something special in common. I was fortunate enough to spend time with Francine listening to her wonderful old Hollywood stories and she helped me perfect my role as Marilyn. I was asked to speak at her Memorial and it was a privilege to do so. 

I have been asked to be a key note speaker at the World Women Foundation at the famous Clinton Centre in the USA. It is an honour to be asked. My goal is to help encourage and empower other women out there to pursue their dreams and reach for their goals. 



I just wrapped on a TV show  (Season 1/Pilot) called Destroy X Fire, a comedy set in the fashion world. My character is called Pineapple and it's a really good name for her - she's very sweet and cheerful. One of my dearest friends Kristen Dalton brought me on the show and she plays the bad ass boss in the show while another friend Anne Sophie Neigo plays a model. It was amazing being able to work with friends. The Director Mike Sanchez was cool as he let us improvise in some of the scenes. 


I did another shoot with my wonderful friend Hamid Moslehi. Did I tell you he was Michael Jackson's personal photographer for 20 years? He was a close friend of Michael's and he was one of the very few that had full access to Neverland. We like to do art style shoots every so often for his gallery. So much fun! 

I went to see Craig David in LA after bumping into him at the Sunset Marque hotel. He invited Myles and I to go along. Myles is a high flyer in the music industry! While we where at the concert Craig’s manager introduced me to Travis and it turns out I not only went to the same high school as Fran Healy but the same primary school and he lived round the corner from me growing up! We likely played together in the local park when we were just kids not knowing what was in front of us and one day we would meet again in Hollywood! 

I just got back from a wee day of therapeutic shopping down at Montana Avenue with my dear friends Christine Peake and Cindy Cowan. (An expensive therapy!) Now off to see Jona Blu at Capital Record with my beautiful girl Loreen Whang. 


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