11th April 2014
Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer Launches Monogram Service For Constellation

British luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu, has launched a Monogram service for its Constellation range of phones. Available exclusively from 27 Vertu boutiques around the globe, Monogram allows customers to choose from a range of colours and stripes and up to three initials, to create a distinctively personal motif for their Vertu Constellation.

Monogram is available for Vertu Constellation, which comes in five shades of calf leather as standard - Black, Cappuccino, Mocha, Orange and Raspberry. Customers can personalise their handset by choosing up to three Latin character initials and selecting one of three stripe designs – single, double and highlighted - using a combination of colours, comprising 18 different hues. Each personalised Constellation handset comes with by a matching monogrammed case, available in two different styles.

Customers can select their Monogram style in-store, via a tablet-based configurator, where Vertu Boutique staff can help them choose from nearly 3,000 different variations. There may not be a Vertu store in Scotland, but have no fear – we loved these designs so much we soon found out Scottish residents can call the brand’s London store to telephone order this fantastic service.

Vertu’s broader personalisation service provides a range of customisation options; from ‘Made to Order’, offered on the iconic Vertu Signature, which allows a customer to select from a huge range different leathers and metals, through to bespoke ‘atelier’ options, where a one-of-a-kind Vertu handset can be personally designed by the customer and handcrafted at Vertu’s workshop in Hampshire, England.

“Vertu’s personalisation service will soon account for a significant part of our business turnover as luxury consumers increasingly seek ways to individualise their purchases”, said Vertu Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani.

He continued, “Vertu already delivers something very special to individuals seeking unique style and craftsmanship. Our personalisation services extend this, bringing the artisan approach of true luxury to one of the most personal and intimate products that we carry with us. From subtle engraving to a completely bespoke product that is as unique as a fingerprint, personalisation allows Vertu owners to express themselves with a product that is as unique as they are."


Prices for Vertu Personalisation are on application. Vertu Personalisation can be ordered in the UK at Vertu Boutique – Old Bond Street, 38 Old Bond Street, London,W1S 4QW or through telephone order 0203 205 1123. Vertu is available in over 500 stores worldwide, with 70 Vertu boutiques exclusively offering the new personalisation service. For more information, visit www.vertu.com or follow the brand on Twitter @vertu.


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