25th August 2017
Millennial Pink

What actually is it?

Millennial Pink

We have a lot to thank our previous generations for. They invented the telephone, electricity, air transport, even the internet (a life without the later doesn’t even bare thinking about). Us millennials? Well, we have invented a colour. A colour that goes by the name of Millennial Pink. Not heard of it? We can guarantee that you have seen it.

Essentially a slightly dustier version of pastel pink, the colour can be seen everywhere from the high street to high-end as well as within our homes. As if a virtual bucket of the colour has been drizzled across the whole of the fashion nation, it has become pretty unavoidable – but we don’t really mind.

Instagram loves this candy floss shade too, as does Pinterest. Both platforms are flooded with various shades and hues of the colour, making it easy for us to seek inspiration for our interiors and wardrobes alike. 

GQ have named it ‘sping’s most popular colour’, and The Guardian have called it ‘the colour of now’, but we believe this candy floss tinted trend began (arguably) in 2016 when Pantone revealed its colour of the year as ‘Rose Quartz’. Some suggest the colour began edging its way onto our pallets way back in 2014, after the release of Wes Anderson’s whimsical movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Whatever the cause, despite in not being your usual autumn/winter shade, it is here to stay.

Pantone Rose Quartz

What we have learned from this resilient trend is that the colour pink no longer means instant Mean Girls-esque girly girl. Even the normally androgynous, monochrome loving, fashion forward millennials are jumping on board with the colour.

It’s a soothing shade that marketers have undoubtedly taken advantage of. It speaks to  the ‘Instagram’ generation on a surprising level, and although we are not quite sure why, it definitely works.

If you don’t believe us on the level of ‘cool’ this shade has reached. Take a look at designers like Valentino, Balenciaga, Gucci and Acne Studios for some more convincing proof. 


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