9th June 2017
Summer 2017 Beauty Trends

If you’re struggling for inspiration in the beauty department at the moment, we’ve made things a little easier and gathered some of the best (and worst) of this summer’s beauty trends. Many of these trends have something in common; and that's a heavy throwback vibe to the eighties, prepare yourselves, some more subtle than others. This unsurprising ode to the eighties goes hand in hand with the ruffles and shoulder pad trend we are also seeing at the moment, a match made in heaven (or in the eighties). 


The Bright Eye: This is a refreshing trend if you, like us, are a little tired of trying to recreate looks that contain more shades and brushes than the lovely Mona Lisa herself. One colour, one shade (the brighter the better), that’s all it takes. This statement look has been seen across catwalks from designers including Victoria Beckham, Jeremy Scott and Emilio Pucci, just to name a few.

Lipstick for the Cheeks: We are all about getting the most out of your money here at Caledonista HQ, which is why we love the (re)emerging trend of adding rouge to your cheeks – you say lipstick, we say blusher. Designers such as Kenzo and JW Anderson were leading this thrifty trick on their models during their shows earlier in the year (specifically, Nars shade Kiss Me Stupid was deemed most popular for this look). Similar to the previous trend (and similar to the eighties), the bolder the better on this one, and even experiment with applying it higher up on the cheekbones and temple areas for a full on retro vibe. 

The Gorgeous Glow: On the contrary to the previous trends, and perhaps a little less intimidating, is the simple golden, glowing skin. This one suits all ages, all skin types, and all occasions and is a key summer look that can not only transform you physically but also make your skin appear brighter, happier and healthier. Are you sold yet? The foundations for achieving this is a well moisturised skin (we recommend the new Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow tinted moisturiser from the new #GLOWMO range to achieve this), followed by a highlighter of your choice applying liberally to your cheekbones, brow bones, upper lip and nose arch. Another way of helping to achieve this is by selecting blushers and bronzers that contain a slight shimmer in the formula just to help you on your way.

Fun Fingertips: This one Caledonista HQ is a little less convinced on, mainly because of the maintenance (or maybe because of the unwelcomed flashbacks of our 10 year old selves experimenting with bright green polish and rhinestones). Regardless, the trend has been seen perhaps the most widely across catwalks this year. For example, Marc Jacobs had the letters of his name painted on the models fingertips earlier in the year, along with Balenciaga who made sure each model had a little ‘B’ on their nails. This is an ideal trend if you’re heading to a festival this year, the perfect place to make a colourful statement (without the judgement of your office colleagues). Gucci was another brand that was seen showcasing this playful and artistic trend.


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