16th February 2017
Sunshines Health Benefits


So we all love the sunshine, who doesn't love that warm and happy feeling that seeing the sunshine gives? Sunshine is also a fabulous source of Vitamin D and a recent study has shown the benefits.

Now for the serious stuff, The British Medical Journal published a report today that states that taking Vitamin D tablets can help you to beat colds and flu and prevent chronic disease, so they recommend that everyone should take Vitamin D tablets. Vitamin D is needed for your body and more specifically your bones to absorb calcium, not having enough Vitamin D can lead to thinning bones even osteoporosis, however Vitamin D doesn't just affect your bones it, a lack of it can present itself in every organ of your body.

Although the report was published today, this really isn’t anything new, celebrities such as the likes of Georgia May Jagger, Poppy Delevingne and Gwyneth Paltrow have already discovered what Vitamin D does for you. A few years back, Gwyneth Paltrow openly spoke about when she discovered her Vitamin D levels were low and the effect this had on her health. Celebrities have tremendous power to influence the public, and sadly, most celebrities abuse that power. But a few stand out as positive influences who have the personal integrity to lead by example so that their fans might improve their health, too.

How do you know your Vitamin D levels are low? (I hear you ask!)

-       You feel sad. Serotonin is the hormone is your brain that is associated with mood elevation, it has been found to raise with exposure to bright light and lessen with decreased sun exposure.

-       You have tummy troubles. Vitamin D is fat-soluble so if you have issues in your gut, you may have a limited ability to absorb vitamin D.

-       Your bones ache. The feeling of aching bones are commonly associated with this deficiency.

-       You feel weak. Vitamin D helps you to maintain control of your muscles.

-       You are sweating more than usual. A sweaty head has been reported to be one of the first signs of a vitamin D deficiency.

So how do you get Vitamin D? There are lots of treatments on the market from vitamin supplements to more expensive treatments such as the Vitamin D injection, which is offered by health practitioners, for a cost of approximately £50 per injection. Vitamin D can even be found in food, it is suggested that you eat more oily fish like salmon and sardines, eggs and in some fortified foods such as cereals. You could also spend more time in the sun, which obviously isn’t what you would expect your dermatologist to say but as long as you spend time in the sun safely, so using sun protection this can be a good source of Vitamin D.

Be like Gwyneth and make sure you’re not deficient in Vitamin D. Make sure you’re not by booking a beach holiday, it’s as good an excuse as any to head to where the sunshine is at!


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