1st February 2017
The Body Sculptor - Choose Life...

The Body Sculptor - Choose Life...

I woke up one day and decided this is it, I can coast through life and live a comfortable existence and my family make me happy but I need something else. I needed to achieve and be something more than school run mum, dinner on table, wash, iron, sleep, repeat. There is nothing wrong if this is what makes you content but for me it wasn't enough - I knew there was more I should be doing with my life. I had serious ants in my pants. Something that set my soul on fire, something that I could put all my energy into. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head and I didn't know how to channel them.

I had been doing my training and this always left me feeling incredible feeling like I was ready for anything and feeling more alive than I had ever felt. Then I starting writing for Caledonista and started to get a lot of emails and questions about my training and my nutrition. People started to get asked if I could train them. That's when I decided to become a trainer. I thought why not do something that I believe in, something I have the passion for, something to jump out of bed for every morning and can't wait to do. I want other people to feel this alive to feel powerful and ready for anything.


So I did my personal training course over 6 months. Just before I started the course I ruptured my achilles tendon. A nasty injury that led me to have some screws and a plate in my leg and I was in a airboot and on crutches. I didn't let that stop me doing my course because I always want to get things done and I didn't want it to set me back. My injury taught me a hell of a lot about how my body worked, how other parts compensate and how you could just throw in the towel and put your feet up just like the doctor had advised me. When I left hospital I told myself my leg might not work but it could be so much worse so I started to home train myself. This is were I discovered so much about my body and nutrition and how it affects the body. No personal training certificate could educate you on that. So anyway I rocked along and got qualified.

Achilles rupture

If I'm honest, I believe that life experience and doing all different training systems and finding my own way in health and fitness is what taught me more than any qualification could. I needed that certificate before I could start coaching so I got it. I then decided to set up in my garage. I had one spin bike, one punch bag and thats what I trained on every day. That was the game changer for me. I cycled and I boxed every day. Within 8 weeks my diary was full of clients.

I started to see incredible results by changing the way they trained and most importantly the way they fuelled their bodies. I also went to Manchester to train to become an advanced boxing for fitness coach from the Ricky Hatton boxing academy. That was when I felt this is it this is what I was born to do. The adrenaline, the feeling of being fearless, the rush, the desire to be better after every punch, the feeling of being unstoppable...... the feeling of never wanting to give up even when my body was aching.

knuckles up

So I decided to set up a studio where I could train more people and that's when CYCLEBOX was born.....

my studio


CYCLEBOX is set up in the heart of Glasgow's West End. It is a small fitness boutique where you sign up online to become part of the Cyclebox squad. We all have one thing in common, we are here to be and bring the best out of ourselves in every session. We push you to your limit. When you think you are going to quit we are on you encouraging you to get back on it, get the gloves back up, get the head back in it get your mindset strong. When you walk in to Cyclebox you forget your worries as the music is on and the lights are down and there is no time to think about what a tough day you have had because it's time to bring it and there is no going back once you are in. Any stress is left at the door because we need your A game and you will bring it.

Cyclebox session

The lights are dimmed the music is pumping and we all set off for a 30min intense cycling session. We do seated sprints, seated climbs, standing sprints and standing climbs to the latest music. I believe music on world off as it helps focus and the beats keep us motivated and makes it fun. You are torching calories, melting fat and getting stronger and fitter.

Its knuckles up time. We get the boxing gloves on (we supply gloves or you can purchase your own in the studio for £15 a pair).

Squad wall of fame

We hit up the bags for speed rounds and power rounds and also do body weight training in between. I have designed the sessions so we target a full body workout when we do the body weight training. The bag work is full body training from your mind to your toes and boy will you feel it. I change the training sessions monthly. We have just launched our own app so you can now book through that. You need to download the Glofox app and type in Cyclebox and you will enter our very own app. All classes and payment options are available on the app. You can become member or pay as you go or purchase class packs. We also have a waiting list for classes you can go on if its full.

It's great to be back writing for Caledonista because for me thats where it all began and I want to thank the team behind this Scottish online magazine. I am absolutely loving the new makeover it looks real slick.

I will be writing my column monthly and have so much more to share with you. I will be bringing you delicious and nutritious food recipes from the Cyclebox kitchen as we have collaborated with an incredible Chef. More info on this in my next column. I will be bringing you some workouts that you can do anywhere. At home, in the office, outside so there are no excuses. I will also be bringing back my fit kit and any new health and fitness related products I come across .

Until then my friends...


I'm never getting off this rocketship, all aboard !!!!!

The Body Sculptor x


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