19th October 2017
The Dhabba Review

Roll up! Roll up! News just in! The Dhabba have a very amazing new menu that you just have to try. We have tried our best to tell you all about it below but honestly you have to go and try it for yourself.

The Dhabba, located in Glasgow ‘s Merchant City, on the corner of Bell Street and Candleriggs, has a new menu and we were invited to try it out. We love a curry and like everyone else we have our favourite place for a curry so we were very excited to try The Dhabba.

From the outside the restaurant looks very modern because of the floor to ceiling glass fronting. Inside, the restaurant is large and open plan. Furnishings are very minimalist and the vibe is very modern, especially when compared to your traditional Indian restaurant. The theme throughout is warm tones, like reds and oranges, which complement the wooden tables.

With the table booked for 6:30pm on a Wednesday night we were not expecting it to be busy, especially for somewhere that is slightly off the beaten track. We were right it was quite quiet when we arrived but shortly after arriving the restaurant was really busy, much to our surprise for a mid-week evening in the middle of the month.

Now, back to the menu and the food! The new menu looks just like a newspaper, this is perhaps because when The Dhabba changes its menu, it is big news. In the 15 years they have been open they have only changed their menu three times. The newspaper design is not only very innovative but also very informative.

Our waiter explained the menu and the different dishes on the menu to us. Also when we enquired about a dish that we were unsure of, he was very quick to explain the whole dish and cooking process in full. All of the staff were very knowledgeable about what was being served and would make recommendations based on their knowledge and what you said you liked and disliked. The staff were also very polite and attentive, from the moment you walk in until when you leave. 

Distracted again, back to the food! First on the table were some mini bite sized poppadom’s accompanied by dips – I’m not 100% sure exactly what they were but all you need to know is there very good.  Next came the starters, Gosht Kathi which is pulled lamb that comes wrapped in a roti, and Koliwada Jheenga which is glazed and very lightly battered king prawns - genuinely the best Indian starters we’ve ever tasted.

Onto the mains, we ordered the Paneer Makhni Masala, a homemade cheese in a Masala style sauce, for those wondering along with the Dhania Gosht a lamb dish simmered with coriander. The lamb was extremely tender and broke apart when you ate it. We order the cumin rice and the Lacchedar Paratha, a flaky butter bread to go alongside the main courses. After this we were nicely full so turned down the offer of a sweet and coffees.

Needless to say this is not your typical Indian but we loved it for that - we will most definitely return to The Dhabba.

Thank you very much The Dhabba, we will be seeing you soon! 


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