31st January 2017
The Latest Selfie Trend

Emily Ratajkowski

So, as we all know, Fifty Shades Darker, the second film in the trilogy is released on February 10th and The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon continues as new statistics reveal it isn't just boosting sex toys sales and how experimental we are in the bedroom, but also our underwear purchases.

Lingerie shops have such as Boux Avenue, Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret and La Perla have noticed an increase in the number of women treating themselves to sexy lingerie. Not only are more and more women treating themselves but it also seems to now be acceptable to post pictures of yourself in your latest lingerie purchase on social media.

There has been a huge rise in the number of celebrities posting rather racy snaps of themselves wearing their smalls or even nothing at all. It used to be front page news when a celebrity flashed a nipple but now we don't seem to have any qualms when it comes to seeing celebrities in their underwear. Celebrities are forever under the body-scrutiny magnifying glass, so whenever they take matters into their own hands and bare it all, we've got to give 'em props.

Don't get us wrong, they always look fabulous, when dolled up and even in their skivvies but would you be brave enough to strip down to your undies and post it on social media?






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