26th June 2017
Trip To The Uk

Hi guys, finally completed the last day on set of the TV show Destroy X Fire. I mentioned my character Pineapple who is a fashionista with a bubbly personality and a tad ditzy, really wasn’t that hard to play LOL! One of my BF’s Kristen Dalton who plays the lead recommended me for the role. Kristen was in The Departed (playing alongside Jack Nicholson), Jack Reacher, Taxi and plenty more successful movies. It is was just lovely getting to work on set with your friends. 

Before heading back to the UK from Los Angeles I popped into Capitol Records with one of my best friends Loreen Whang and her wee cousin Brianna. Jonas Blue were performing at a private event. I'm not sure if they're known at all in the UK but they're pretty good. I always feel sad leaving LA, probably because I have to say adios to the lovely sunshine for a while as I prepare myself for the grey skies of the UK :)

 On the plane back to London I worked on my speech for the World Women Foundation. My Keynote speech is for the Clinton Foundation in the USA in September. I feel honoured to be asked. It is not easy writing a Keynote speech, I want to inspire so it's proving tricky, but I'm getting there! 

 I arrived in Scotland shortly after to good old Scottish weather. Scotland really is very beautiful if not a little chilly. Despite some sun, I've been wearing thermals with 3 jumpers on top. I've gone straight into promoting mode for a new audio book ‘Marilyn’ by Bigfinish.com. I play Marilyn Monroe :) It is out now hint hint ha! 

10 Downing Street

 I was in London for a new project and all I can say is that it involves music :) So far I am having a good time with work with little leisure time thrown in? I went to 10 Downing Street with my good friends Bernadette Greene (who arranged it) and Fiona Harden. It was amazing to walk through the corridors where some of the greats had been. However the child in me was tempted to chap Boris Johnson’s office door and run away ha! Bernie would have killed me.

I had a meeting in Brixton, the home town of the music legend David Bowie!. He was an amazing artist, loved and missed by many. His music rang out in our house when I was growing up. Anyways I went to visit a mural dedicated to the Icon and was very touched by what has become a shrine.  


Later that night I went out with my Auntie Annemarie and Uncle Charlie. I love spending time with my family. It is a special time. They took me to George Michael’s home and his front garden is just covered in beautiful letters, candles and flowers from fans. I knew George from when I was just a teenager. He repeatedly said to me to follow my dreams and enjoy life. He really was beautiful inside and out. I have never forgotten those words of encouragement from him and any time I feel defeated or frustrated I remember back to when we would share a box of his favourite Lindt chocolates and his words of encouragement and my goals don't seem so far away. Hurdles will always appear but we just have to do our best to deal with them and try to focus on the bigger picture...the end result. Onwards and upwards peeps!!


George Michael

This one is for you George. Good night sweet man, thank you for caring and being you. Much Love xxoo


Until next time my wee friends xo 


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