22nd August 2017
Ups And Downs

Erin Gavin - Ups and Downs

This month has been full of ups and downs. I left LA for an exciting new project in the U.K. so I headed off to beautiful Inverness to meet up with some new people. Inverness is so pretty! It really is a must see - Johnny Depp thinks so too since he's moving there apparently :)

 I forgot how stunning Scotland is. Driving through the glens really has a mystical feel to it. What's not to like - the scotch mist, the heather, the coos, the castles, and the men in kilts!! I really miss it when I am away too long. I went for a wee day out to Edinburgh with my Mum. Love wee days out with my Mum. They are precious. We fought our way through the tourists at the Grassmarket for lunch today then headed to the grand opening of the Leonardo Hotel. Fashionably cool decor and fabulous food was on offer. Quite Scandi in style with a Scottish flavour thrown in. 

Eva Mendes Dress

I went to London again to catch up with the law firm who represent me in my crazy career and a fabulous new team I'm working with. My friend Simona Roman (an actress I worked on Footballers Wives many moons ago) invited me for dinner. Sometimes you just know you will always be friends with someone forever don't you?   We had a lot to catch up on! A lot of "wee sherbets" were consumed :) I did a photo shoot with the stylist and artist Steeve Devaluate and photographer Peter Svenson. They are both at the top of their game. The images have not all been released yet but I have included one from the shoot which is 50’s style and I am wearing Eva Mendes new collection. She gave me 2 beautiful dresses as a gift. You should check out her collection it is fabulous! 

Managed to catch my friend Leslie from LA. He was home for business and we got a wee bit carried away in the Corinthian casino till 6am! Met some interesting people. Glaswegians know how to party!

I had another great night out with some of my oldest friends. Love those catch ups. We went to Finnieston in Glasgow for a bar crawl. Great place for a cool bar hop! I liked it so much I bought an apartment there. It's the latest trendy spot with quirky new bars and restaurants. The area has changed beyond belief. Good investment I think. 

LA Friends


I love painting so I decided to take the painting of the flat into my own hands and ended up with paint everywhere and I do mean everywhere lol. I will stick to acting!

I went to the TRNSMT music festival in Glasgow with a few friends Cat Buchanan and Scott Pedan. Geoff Ellis who runs the new fab music fest did a fantastic job! We loved it!! Be back next year Geoff :)


My friend Govind from LA is on holiday in the UK so he came to visit for a day Saturday. And yes, it was raining as he expected but he was quite happy about it since we rarely get much in LA. We all went out to the Merchant City Festival and we literally sang and danced in the rain! Why not!! 

After all that alcohol the last few weeks I was not quite ready for a health and fitness shoot but with 2 days of healthy eating I managed to pull it together!! This shoot was done by James Walker. His work is very artsy. I love it. I live for art. I am a wee geek at heart. 

Getting ready to go to Spain! My agency in the UK (EGA talent) books a lot of celebrities abroad. Great excuse to see some sun for a few days...


Health Shot


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