10th November 2017
World Women Summit

World Women Summit

Erin Gavin

We are very fortunate if we have great friends around the world who we consider as family. Sometimes we don't talk for a long time but you know you are there for each other for the important things in life! I bring this up as I have learned this recently.

When I landed in Arkansas, I couldn't miss the giant billboard at the airport with me on it as the keynote speaker for the World Women Summit. I felt very honoured and humbled. Little Rock in Arkansas is where the Presidential Clinton Centre stands and where the summit is held every year.

I had the best time meeting the most incredible women. Women who had gone through unbelievable trauma, entrepreneurs and women making areal difference in this world.

The creator Rupa Dash is changing the game and giving women around theworld the opportunity to connect and build together.

I met a wonderful lady named Dana Micucci who wrote a fantastic book called The Third Muse. All I can say is try to get this book. It is one of the most creative books I have ever read and so unique that it's now being made into a movie.

World Women Summit

Welcome to Little Rock

The Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson invited me to be an Ambassadorfor Arkansas. I feel very grateful and honored to be an Ambassador. I truly had the most memorable trip and I am forever grateful for the memories. My only regret is that I didn't see Hilary or Bill!!

I have been dating someone lately in LA and I cooked for the first time in my life! Well...We cooked together. Now I think I am Gordon Ramsey ha

!My lovely new friend Tatyana who I met at The World Women Summit, asked meto be a keynote speaker at Stanford University for Global TechnologySymposium. I am just getting ready to go to Stanford along with my publicist Christine Peak. Nervous but excited and feeling blessed. Here's to livingthe dream! Until next time xo


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